2017 BEST SELFIE STICK WITH MONOPOD AND TRIPOD UNDER $20 | Foneso Selfie Stick With Tripod

Hey Guys,

I have to share this selfie stick with you. I have purchased so many selfie sticks that have fallen short for one reason or another. This is honestly the best selfie stick that I have ever put my hands on, and for less than $20, it is an excellent Christmas gift idea.

It comes with a monopod, tripod, selfie stick and bluetooth remote to take photos. The build quality is excellent. I uploaded my unboxing and review of this product to my YouTube channel for anyone who is interested.

I know you will love this product, because I am obsessed with mine. Great product for any vlogger, selfie taker, or youtuber of any kind. This is a must have product for me.

Here are some of the images from Amazon for you of this product.

It comes with a tripod too, which is incredible. It also happens to be a really nice sturdy tripod, which is why this one gets my ‘Best’ rating.


It has a very sturdy, silicon clam, to hold your phone in place, aka ….your phone will not pop out.


One of my favorite features of this selfie stick is how far out it extends. It goes to almost 3 feet which gives you the ability to capture some really nice shots from above.


I hope you guys found this helpful. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me. See you in my next post.


Raphaela ❤

My 2017 iPhone Mobile Vlogging Set Up And Favorite Tools

This is my 2017 mobile vlogging set up for the new year. I did a HAUL video for you guys to introduce you to the products, and then I filmed individual unboxing/review videos for you. I have made sure that all of these tools work together for you guys. These are the best tools to have good quality audio and video capabilities with you at all times.

All of these tools fit inside of a little kit that I can carry in one hand. The tools included in this series playlist are; iphone lighting, iphone external mic, iphone expandable memory, and so much more.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel to see all of these things set up together and see how much better my future videos are using these tools.

These make excellent gift ideas for anyone who is interested in taking pictures or shooting videos with their iphone.

I hope you guys enjoy.


Thanks for spending a few minutes with me.


Raphaela ❤