How To Start A Garden | You Only Need 2 Items Coronavirus | Covid-19

I show you how to start a garden with only two items. This is for everyone. Literally anyone can do this during the Coronavirus. Thanks for watching. 

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Tabletop Greenhouse: 

Watering Can: 


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Gardening Book: 

Gardening Tools Kit: x 

Bulk Seeds I purchased:

DIY Potting Mix (Way Cheaper Than Buying Prebagged). You need all three. Mix in equal parts as ⅓ of each product to make ‘Mel’s Mix’. 

Moisture Retention: 


Drainage/Soil Aeration: 

Compost Roller:

Storage Sacks: 





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Non GMO, Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds:


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Difference Heirloom, Open Pollinated and Hybrid Organic Seeds: