Pre Workout Supplements for Bikini Bodybuilders

Ok, so it’s 5 AM, the kids are asleep and my husband is cutting down logs next to me (aka…snoring like an old man), and the alarm goes off. What do I do to get UP?

Easy, I walk past the coffee maker, you know, the place where good breath goes to die :-), and straight into my gym. I pour 8 oz of cold water into a cup, and add one scoop of No Xplode and one scoop of Amino X, both by BSN. On alternating morning, I use one scoop of Hyper FX and one scoop of Amino X (my personal preference between these two combinations). When you mix either the Hyper FX or No Xpode with the Amino X, the results are nothing short of pure magic.

I suddenly feel a rush of energy, and my body feels a bit warmer. I feel alert and ready to go, but not in the crazy, punch a wall, and run a 4 minute mile while listening to speed metal way. I feel an even and comfortable level of energy start moving through my body. As for my earlier statement about the comparison between Hyper FX and No Xplode, this is just my personal preference. I like the way that the Hyper FX makes me feel better. I feel a little more jittery on the No Xplode, but again, that’s just me. They both beat a coffee ‘awake’ by a country mile.

So here’s the weird part, and yes I know it’s weird, but this blog is about honesty, so here goes. While I am waiting for the full ‘wake up and be ready to lift’ stage in my mind, I do two things at once. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I even multitask while working out. It’s a sickness, I know. Any who, I hula hoop and do facercise. No, you are not misreading, and no I did not mistype that. That’s what I do at 5:10 every morning, after drinking my pre workout supplement drink. Can you picture me doing this? If you can, it looks kind of silly, and I certainly don’t think that I would make new friends at the gym if I did this there, but my house, my rules :-).

There I am with a hula hoop flying around my waist while I am doing facercise in the mirror to keep my face toned. If you don’t know what facercise is, this is something you have to learn about. Think about when you see a woman whose body is very tone, but her face is very ‘loose’ by comparison. There are roughly 50 muscles in the human face, so why do most people ignore them? They probably just don’t think about. I didn’t until I was around 25 and I saw an old book at a yard sale about it. For a quarter, curiosity got the better of me, but wow, am I glad that I picked that book up. For anyone who is interested, I picked up The 5 Minute Face-lift, but I am sure that there are other wonderful books out there. This is just the one that I picked up that day, and the program that I have been pretty consistent about for roughly 12 years.

This is not a sales pitch for facercise, so I will not go into a lot more detail here. It should suffice to say that I can definitely tell the difference between the photos of mine where I had been sticking to a facercise program, and where I had not. Even at the tender old age of 37, I can confidently say that I do not look anywhere near my age, and if I had to identify one beauty secret causing that effect, it would be facercise.

So, that’s my crazy little morning secret, I fuel up on a BSN mix of Hyper FX or No Xplode, and a scoop of Amino X, throw a hula hoop around my waste, and make crazy faces at myself in the mirror (aka…facercise) until I feel ready to tackle my workout. Thank God my family is asleep while I am doing this, they might think that mommy has crossed over to the dark side if they saw this little routine.

What’s your crazy workout tip or trick? Add your comments below so that people can laugh at everyone, and not just at me :-).

Let’s Run To The Bikini Together!


Raphaela Laurean

Getting Started with Female Bikini Bodybuilding.

WITWIBB? What is the world is bikini bodybuilding?

One day about three weeks ago during Superbowl Sunday, a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to start bodybuilding. I looked at her like she was crazy. She is very tiny, and exceptionally fit (she is an officer in the US Marine Corps), and I didn’t see how someone with her body type would ever be a bodybuilder as I understood it. I started looking into bodybuilding, and suddenly realized that this sport is the perfect marriage of all of the items that matter to me in my life; fitness, beauty (inside and out), challenging yourself, competition, healthy living, and a splash of glamour.

With that said, I set out to try to understand if someone my age (37), at my fitness level (about a 6 on the 1-10: 10 high scale) could ever get into something like this, and how. The following is a list of the things that I did last week while I was doing research. It’s by no means comprehensive. It’s just what I did, and if you find that valuable, then it is here for you to use as well. If you want to add something, please contribute below:

-Read Wikipedia to understand the industry as a whole; history, stars, icons, and future.

-Learn about the different types of bodybuilding/modeling (bikini, figure, physique, fitness) and understand the differences.

-Decide which body type/class that you are going to work towards as a goal.

-Understand the various parts of this industry: nutrition, supplements, training, and finances, and compensation (these will be the subjects of some of my future posts).

-Make a commitment to yourself that you are done making excuses, and that no one is responsible for your body but you!

-Make an appointment with your general doctor and get the all clear before embarking on this journey. Ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist if weight loss is a part of your journey, or visit the National Association of Fitness Professionals to find someone local.

-Find a model(s) that motivates you. This will usually be people who are like you; moms, military wives, etc.

-Order the correct supplements and print out their nutrition guide (usually this comes right from the models page on

-Find a local networking/trade event to attend to ‘see the industry’. You may locate this by visiting the websites of the various organizations in this industry, for example NPC.

-Pick one date to go and observe,and then another date to compete. Write it down/stick to it (you know, add it to your calendar)

-Discuss your new decision with the people who you spend the most time around (family, friends, etc) as they will have a heavy influence on you and your success.

-Set up a profile page on to be both visible and accountable.

-Start networking right then and there to develop relationships, motivate, and be motivated. Facebook and Twitter are fantastic for following your idols and seeing what they are doing.

-Order at least two industry magazines to help you on your journey (Oxygen and Eating Well are fantastic).

-Dust off your workout clothes, or go buy some new ones.

-Reach out to Shannon Dey at Team Bombshell Fitness for training boot camps, posing coaching, etc. If you are serious and you mean to win, then you work with the best. Period.

Get Focused and Get Ready!

Running To The Bikini,