These are the products that I personally use and recommend. When I shoot a new video, or blog about something, I put the products here that I have both used, and that I would recommend to anyone.

I respect my followers, and their level of intelligence, so I will tell you that the only way in which I monetize the products that I recommend is by inserting my ‘Amazon Affiliate Link’ for your convenience on this page (as you will see below). Now, I know that people are always motivated to go around affiliate links, for reasons which I do not fully understand. That said, it’s human nature, and I am going to ask you to fight with yourself on this one :-). These tiny affiliate commissions add up, and provide me with the funds that I use to purchase new products to review for you and your family, so please use the links below when completing your purchase.

You do not pay more money when you use my, or anyone else’s for that matter, affiliate links. You receive the exact same price, shipping, and customer service that you would if you were to go straight to Amazon to purchase these items. You may do that if you like, as I will never know, but it is greatly appreciated by me, and the people who follow me (so that I can always review new products), if you use the links below. Hopefully, you think my opinions and time are worth a few cents that would otherwise go straight to Amazon. ūüôā

If you do not see a product or category listed below, please feel free to email me questions about product categories or specific products that I would recommend¬†in that category. If I have a product that I recommend in that category, I will add it here. If I don’t, I will let you know that too.

Thank you for your support on this page. I know that you will love anything that is listed here, because if I didn’t love it, you wouldn’t see here! Enjoy. ūüôā


Water Bottle: If you do not carry a water bottle with you, you will simply drink less water. I have four of these in my home, which I fill up every night. That way, I have them ready to go for the day, and I am not lugging around a huge gallon of water. They hook to anything, never leak, and are easy to clean. Plus, they are just so cute!

Weight Loss 

Shake Blender: If you are serious about not only losing weight, but in committing to keep it off, you will want to incorporate Green Smoothies into your life. They are protein packed, low calorie ways to boost your metabolism, cut calories, and provide a power punch of nutrition. I use this one at least twice a day, and when I travel, I ship my Travel Blender ahead of me. I love this blender because it provides Professional Level blending, which gives me the creamiest shake I could ever ask for. Inexpensive blenders lead to replacement and chunky shakes, its as simple as that. This blender is fantastic! I have made 1357 shakes in it since I purchased it 5 years ago.

Travel Blender:¬†I love traveling, but I can not stand to be restricted to whatever food is available in my hotel, or with the people that I am staying with. I eat a very clean diet, and my body requires certain levels of proteins, superfoods, etc. For that reason, I always ship this travel blender, and all of it’s cups to my travel destination. This way, I have multiple cups to use, so that I do not have to hand wash it every day if I am in a hotel. Just go grab some ice from the ice machine on your hotel floor, a banana or a fruit plate from the cafe downstairs, add your own protein powder mix, and blend. People always ask me where I got my shake when I walk downstairs at the hotel, and they are always sad when I tell them that I made it in my room (aka, they can’t have one). ūüôā


Nutritional Yeast: This is a product that at first I thought was completely disgusting to look at, but now, I simply can not live without. I add this product to my salads, cottage cheese, cauliflower pizzas, dressings, and pretty much anything else I can lay my hands on. It gives everything a very nutty and hearty taste, and it is an excellent source of both protein and B12 (super important for non meat eaters) and is low in calories. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up online, and you will see loads of recipes that include this item. I order the double pack, because I go through this stuff so quickly. Yummy.


Face Powder:¬† I¬†personally love loose powder, and this one, with it’s yellow tones warms up my skin, rather than leaving it looking white washed like most powders that I have tried. It is extremely affordable, does not break out my very sensitive skin, and you can make it into pressed powder by adding water and using an old compact. Don’t bother purchasing the tiny 1.5 ounce one, which is nearly the same price as the 3 ounce one. I have had my 3 ounce one for almost two years, so that makes it so inexpensive over time. I am hooked on this stuff for life!

Gadgets and Electronics

Selfie Stick: I was so tired of never being in photos, that I literally took matters into my own hands and purchased this selfie stick. This is an excellent way to capture photos of large groups, of you out and about with your family, or even of yourself without having to be up close and personal. For the first four years of my kids lives, I missed out on being in so many photos with them. Now, I just pull out the selfie stick and shoot, or set it up on the tripod mount (included) and shoot pictures of us everywhere. It comes with a tripod mount and a cute little carrying case. I take my selfie stick everywhere.

Anything Online

Photo Editing: This can make or break your entire online presence. I used to pay several hundred dollars a month to different designers for their services. Usually, the things that I needed were just basic photo edits, which I would be charged obscene amounts of money for. I would also have to go back and forth with these designers, editing every version of the image that they would send over until they could deliver what I wanted to see. With this image editing program, I can make the images myself, without any delay, and for pennies on the dollar. You don’t need special editing skills for this one. Just use the free program at first, and then if you find that you love it, upgrade to Royale (which is roughly $35 per year) and it will unlock all of the advanced features. I use to pay $75 per hour for designers, so trust me, this is so affordable. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Loving It All,

Raphaela Laurean

‚ÄėThe world can only celebrate your uniqueness when you embrace your authentic self!




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