OOTD: Cozy Travel Outfit of the Day

Here is another OOTD (aka…outfit of the day video) that I just posted on YouTube. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to layer up when traveling. Gratefully, Raphaela

OOTD: This Was My 1st Outfit of the Day on YouTube

OOTD? Oufit of the Day, so dubbed #OOTD by the internet gurus leading this trend online, is a way for normal people, like me, to share my outfits. I think that this is really important because everyone is always looking for inspiration to refine their style. I love so many of the outfits that I see online, but they are simply not practical for my day to day life. I try to show you outfits that are very wearable, and I always try to explain why I wear, or choose certain pieces, so that I can help you to understand not only my style, but how to define your own personal style.

It was my first video on YouTube, so let’s just say that lighting, and all of that were not wonderful, but these things come with time and practice. So, I have given myself permission to not get it perfect, and just get it started.

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