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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to list a brief page that gives you quick access to the different topics that I discuss. All of the categories are listed on the right hand side of all pages. You will see them under a heading labeled CATEGORIES when you scroll down below my Twitter posts.

The topics that I discuss on this blog are basically broken down into three main categories; Beauty, Lifestyle, and Business. I used to keep all of this separated, but what ended up happening was that I simply did not post as much content as I would have if it were all under one roof. I always create unique names for the content categories that I share with you, and you will see this below.

It is always my goal to streamline the information that I provide for you, because we are all so busy, and trust me, I get it. I am always thinking of ways to make the information that I share easier for you to quickly view.

I hope you find this helpful. I have a basic need to organize everything that I touch. 🙂 If you don’t see anything listed under the CATEGORIES section for that particular topic, then I am in the process of putting together a post or a video to share with you about that particular topic section. This way, you can choose what interests you most and find it quickly.

Welcome to my blog, here goes…..

Beauty Categories

Beauty (Beauty Ambulance)

Fitness (Bikini Armor)

Fashion (Fashion OOTD)

Food (Maven Munchies)

Lifestyle Categories

DIY (Girl Meets Tool)

Lifestyle (Lifestyle Lane)

Military (Married/Divorced From The Corps)

Product Reviews (Which One And Why)

My Customer Service Experiences (Your Customer’s Shoes)


Business Categories

Small Business (Small Business Tips and Tricks)

Networking (Skin Finishing Artists United)

Skin Science (EnvyTan)

Skin Finishing (Viva La Bombshell)



My blog is meant to brighten, enlighten, or inspire you whenever you visit. I know that we all have information coming at us a thousand miles a minute, hundreds of times per hour, so I am very flattered that you choose to invest a few minutes of your time with me. I want you to know that I appreciate you.

Loving It All,

Raphaela Laurean

‘The world can only celebrate your uniqueness when you embrace your authentic self!


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