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Who Is This Blog For?

If you can identify with any the following topics, then you will discover something valuable on my blog;


I am your biggest cheerleader. I wish that everyone could work for themselves, and enjoy that kind of freedom. It has been so wonderful for my family and I, and if you have the motivation, I will give you some guidance to get you started. 

– No, I am not selling anything, but I will share my tips and tricks (started EnvyTan -spray tanning manufacturing company-in 2003, survived both recessions and grew during that time) about how to get things done for free, or near free, and how to make and execute a plan for getting something started for yourself.

-Want to understand basic things like social networking, YouTube, setting up a domain name? I will teach you how to do all of that fun, free, and completely necessary stuff for getting pretty much anything going online.

-In business, customer service is King. I am a stickler about delivering and receiving the best customer service and value for my money. Stay tuned for my product and service reviews, rants, and raves! I don’t sugar coat it. I tell it like it is; good, bad, and all the crazy points in between.


What’s that? You have no time? Let’s talk about that. You’re a working mom, a wife, and you’re trying to lose weight? OMG me too. Let’s do this. I can share with you what is working/not working for me, along with a good ole fashioned kick in the as* from time to time when you need it. 

-Time management tips and tricks. It’s about what you invest your time in. Facebook and Twitter for 3 hours a day…really? Not unless you are getting paid to do it!

-Feeling guilty about putting your babies in daycare. Who’s life is this anyway? Oh that’s right, it’s yours. Stop feeling guilty, or start doing something about it.

-Marriage and divorce. Been to that rodeo and have all of the tshirts. I may have learned a thing or two along the way.

-Worn jeans on a really hot summer day, because that was preferable to showing off your legs and butt in a pair of shorts. Stop doing that!  I know your butt is trying to climb down the back of your legs, but show that b*tch who’s boss. Eat clean. Train Hard. It’s time to take your body back!


 I can teach you how to shop your own closet and put together practical/fashionable outfits so that you feel better about yourself. I can teach you basic make up and beauty routines to make the most of your look, and make you feel beautiful and polished everyday. 

-Looking for OOTD (aka…Outfit of the Day) ideas for work, play, gym, date night, etc. Shop your closet first. I bet you can create many of the looks that I will share with you based on the pieces that you already have.

-Want basic skincare and beauty guidance, (wash, exfoliate, prime, mask, acne, anti aging, makeup 101, DIY help????) Come on, we didn’t all have moms or sisters that just ‘taught us’ this stuff. I will show you where to begin, how to develop a routine, and what I use?


I hope you find something valuable here; inspiration, a good laugh or cry, or a push into the business, beauty, or life that can be yours. I hope you join me, and I can’t wait to hear your stories. Let’s live, laugh, and figure it out together……

Loving It All,

Raphaela Laurean

‘The world can only celebrate your uniqueness when you embrace your authentic self!


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