Can You Wash No Sew Face Masks In A Washing Machine | Hot Glue Vs Hem Tape | Which Lasted?

Which no sew mask held up better in the washer and dryer? Glue gun versus hem tape. Thanks for watching. #diyfacemask #diyfacecovering #hacks

All Products Mentioned Are Available Here OR By Clicking The Links Below: 



Outside Layer of Filter..(I used the fabric basket): or 


Filter Layer: Purpose-Moisture Wicking: Layer used inside of filter. 

(Non Woven Fabric/Waterproof/Breathable/Absorb Liquid/Repel Water)

Option 1: 

Option 2: 

Option 3: 

Option 4: 


Hot Glue Gun: 


Hot Glue: 


Flat Iron: 


Hem Tape: 


Red Buffalo Plaid Burp Cloth: 


Carbon Filter Insert:


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