DIY Face Mask Washable | No Sew Reusable | Coronavirus | Million Mask Challenge

DIY washable and reusable no sew face mask for everyone and for our local healthcare workers and first responders during the Coronavirus Outbreak. Thanks for watching. #millionmaskchallenge

All Products Mentioned Are Available Here OR By Clicking The Links Below: 



Cotton Sheet:

1 Piece (9” Wide x 7” Tall) (Exterior Piece)

2 Pieces (9” Wide x 4.5” Tall) (Interior Pocket Pieces)


1 Piece (6” Pipe Cleaner)


Elastic Ties: 

2 Pieces: Each 7-8 Inches


Mask Inserts: 

As many as you like (8.5” Wide x 4” Tall)


——–>>>Disclaimer: This mask is designed to be washable, hygienic and reusable. You, or even your older children should be able to create this mask without any sewing involved. Please only purchase larger amounts of these supplies if you are making larger amounts of masks for front line personnel. This is a crisis response option to protect the lives of those who are serving every day to protect ours. 

As this is YouTube, I have to write out a disclaimer about this mask. I am not a medical professional, nor an engineer. I have worked with chemists and in product development for the last 20 years. That said, these masks are not meant to replace an N95 or a surgical mask in the event of our hospital systems being overwhelmed, which is currently happening. In the Czech Republic, they were able to slow the spread of the Coronavirus by working together to make masks out of crude elements like theater drapes. 

You do not have to know how to sew and it is washable and reusable. When doctors and nurses are going to work wearing bandanas over their faces, it’s time to get involved and be creative. I ordered enough supplies to make roughly 50 masks, which will be donated to my local hospitals here in Baton Rouge, LA. If you are in a position to do this project with your family, please find a local hospital, assisted living facility or medical provider that is accepting homemade masks. 

I have included a link below to a site that has several of those places listed. I am encouraging you to shop online, not to go into a store. We all have to do our part and part of that is staying at home and not exposing yourself or others. Thank you. 



(You may sort by state.)


Fabric For Masks: As almost all fabric is not shipping until the end of May, I would recommend purchasing sheets to make many masks from. This will save you a lot of money and you can make extra masks to donate. Here are some great in stock options I found. Make sure any others you find are cotton or cotton blend. 


Fabric Scissors/Wheel:


Cutting Board: 


Filter Layer: Purpose-Moisture Wicking

(Non Woven Fabric/Waterproof/Breathable/Absorb Liquid/Repel Water)

Option 1: 

Option 2: 

Option 3: 

Option 4: 


Adhesive Tape (No Sewing Necessary): 

Option 1: 

Option 2: 

Other Things: 

Hot Glue Gun: 

Hot Glue: 

Flat Iron: 

Pipe Cleaners: 

Clear Hair Ties: 




Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:


Optional: You can spray the outside of your mask after it is washed and dryed with a protective layer of Citric Acid or Vinegar. Allow to dry completly before wearing. 

Option 1: 

Option 2: 




Paper Bag To Donate Masks In: 

(***Also, masks may be placed in paper bags and sanitized at night by putting them in the oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. This would make the mask reusable. Use a 3 or 4 lb paper bag)

Option 1: 

Option 2: 

Option 3: 

Option 4: 









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